DESKSPACE CMS: Wordpress for the rest of us

So you need a mobile-friendly site?

You want a mobile friendly website, one that works for everyone?

Do you want it to look great on a mobile device?

Do you want it now, without unnecessary fuss and bother?

To be mobile-friendly your site needs to be responsive and deskspaceCMS builds some of the fastest and nicest to use responsive sites on the web.

Images can be added easily which all automatically scale exactly right to display perfectly on your page.

There are many other reasons for getting deskspaceCMS, but converting your site to be mobile-friendly is the first and best reason.


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Delivering very good SEO performance.

The amazing website creation App that automatically delivers great web rankings.


Because it creates small, fast, mobile friendly webpages which search engines love.

Probably the fastest responsive website content management system available.

Perfect for mobile friendly website creation.

Easy to use and very affordable.

alexa-rank-first-dCMS-sites.jpeg The recent Alexa World Web Ranking performance of the first few deskspaceCMS powered sites. image


Yes, search engines love fast and responsive sites with good content - take a look at some of our performance evidence on site speed here... courtesy of Google Speed Insight.

Here is the recent Alexa World Web Ranking performance of the first tranche of deskspaceCMS powered sites, showing a consistent climb up the rankings.

Here is a 1 minute video explaining what is deskspaceCMS.

How come?

It creates more efficient pages.

Less code
Less to load
Happy users

Find out more about how we use html and css here...


Yes, giving you complete control!

A Content Management System so you can create, edit and manage your site.

It seemed a more appropriate name than Web Builder, thanks Stephen Hay!

Respecting your words, responsively.

Gets your words onto the web looking great, easily.

And it's responsive - so everyone can read your words on any device.

Find out about our Flexible Typography here...

So why is it important for a site to be responsive?

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Not just words either.

Also handles the other stuff beautifully.

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Who should use deskspaceCMS?

People and organisations with something to say.

Thought leaders
click here... for some examples.

Who is using it?

Here are some examples.

Opera Brava - Britain's leading outdoor touring Opera Company here....

Tom Cassidy - the reasonable polymath with over 100k people following his courses here....

Here is a page of examples.

What are people saying?

They like it!

"Dead chuffed about the page speed of my new site - using a new ‪CMS system called Deskspace"
Tom Cassidy on Twitter.

"It is very cool. Congratulations on a fantastic job."
Kevin Frank from here...

"VERY impressed by the speed of ‪Deskspace' website by ‪@nicklightbody here... - Never saw such a fast loading website."

How do I get started using Deskspace?

Now you’re probably asking, “so how do I get it?”

Deskspace is free.

Yep, that’s right – it’s 100% free for a site of up to three pages
Deskspace can be downloaded from our downloads page - thereafter the one off licensing is very reasonable.

What are you waiting for?

Go get deskspaceCMS today to start creating your brilliant website.

Download the App here...