Law Office Practice Management Software for Mac iPad & PC
Summary: Deskspace Attorney is Law Office Practice Management Software for Attorneys' & Solicitors' Law Offices / Legal Offices - running on Macs iPads iPhones & PCs - deployed through Local Area Network (LAN), COLOCATION or CLOUD - accessed through Wide Area Network (WAN) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) - providing a comprehensive software solution to integrating and working with Law Office / Legal Office Practice Management Information including Client & Matter Management, Time Billing & Accounting Management, Schedule Task & Workflow / Case Management, e-mail integration, Documents integration, Marketing and Contact Management (CRM)
Copyright 2011 Deskspace Systems Limited: Co No 7461735: Registered Office: 7 Bolnore, Isaacs Lane, Haywards Heath, UK RH16 4BU t: +44 1444 412997
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