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Micro-responsive Web Design avoids bloated code (CSS).

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What people are saying

"VERY impressed by the speed of ‪Deskspace's website by ‪@nicklightbody
Never saw such a fast loading website."

Egbert Heinrich, Berlin - organiser of the dotFMP unConference in Berlin pixi ‏‪@dotfmp

"I think what you have done is brilliant!"

Paul Jansen AJP Computing Solutions, UK

"It is very cool. Congratulations on a fantastic job."

Kevin Frank FileMaker Hacks, Pacific NW, USA


Here are several existing web-sites created with Deskspace CMS - the web-site builder.

How can I get Deskspace CMS?

Just download the FREE App here now! The App enables you to to create a 3 page web site, hosted, at zero cost to you for 14 days. Thereafter we will host a 4 page site for you for 10 cents / month on

Become a Deskspace CMS designer, web-site builder or marketing support pro.

We are looking for talented individuals who wish to develop their businesses by providing a service building super-fast mobile friendly / responsive web sites, and potentially also providing design, support and marketing services, for small and medium sized businesses.
Millions of businesses need fast efficient web sites that work well on any device but the costs of upgrading their existing site or having new one built are often high. Deskspace CMS enables an existing site to be migrated to a super-fast responsive form in only a few hours work.
Learning how to use Deskspace CMS is a great foundation for a profitable business.

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