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We apply the same performance principles whether we are tuning software or tuning a racing sailboat - a sharp focus on removing complexity and developing the most efficient path from A to B.


discernment - simplicity - speed

We provide a consultancy coaching service where we work with you to help you better understand what gives you boat speed and how to put that into effect.

Cambridge based Nick Lightbody will personally work with you and apply his experience to help you achieve your goals. Nick has worked in sailmaking, rig production & boat building and has enjoyed success racing in yachts and dinghy classes such as Fireball, 470, Merlin Rocket, National 12, Scorpion & Albacore.

Recent publications

Adventures getting a old wooden racing dinghy into competitive condition read here...

Adventures with an old wooden racing dinghy Part 2: going to the races read here...


discernment - simplicity - speed

We provide a coaching consultancy service where we work with you to help you better understand why your software performs as it does and how to improve performance.

What people are saying...

The Context Podcast
"In this episode we talk with Nick Lightbody about performance in an app: how to maintain performance throughout the development process and what parts of FileMaker can cause performance headaches. Nick Lightbody joins us to lend his experience and perspective to this idea of Performance. For most of his career he’s spent exploring the ideas of performance for apps. Starting with, of all things, developing for iOS, he’s played with techniques that he’s found keep performance high throughout the entire development process. Let’s explore his perspective about keeping FileMaker apps running smoothly."

Fireside Filemaker Podcast
"Our guest today is Nick Lightbody from the UK, who you may not be familiar with but, behind the scenes, Nick has had and continues to have enormous influence on the work we do, because he is intently focused on getting FileMaker to perform better and faster. In Nick's words
'Performance is the most under discussed subject and yet it is the object of most complaints.'
In this fascinating discussion, Nick talks about the work he does and its implications, and it will give all of us some really powerful strategies for having our solutions work better, plus insights on things that we should all be aware of. We think you'll be particularly intrigued by Nick's thoughts and usage of repeating fields for very high performance solutions."

FileMaker Server Performance
Claris FileMaker Server 19: a performance test of Linux .v. Windows

PRODUCT: ecoWeb Content Management System

elegant - smart - fast
mobile first - responsive

ecoWeb allows you to easily create web-sites using customisable mobile-ready themes on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. Deskspace has spent several years developing this CMS with various partners and can provide Nick Lightbody our expert consultant to coach you in its use.

ecoWeb is fully responsive - easily read and view content on your phone, tablet or computer. All your content will scale automatically to suit whatever device it is viewed on.

Try viewing this page on different devices and you will see what we mean.

Easy to edit your content

Just click on the change content tab, edit the page content, click on web preview and update your site.

It is fast

You can easily add images, videos, maps and PayPal buttons to your page.

Sample pages

Each page illustrates a different Theme.

You can change the appearance of each theme yourself and make it unique and special for you.

open sample pages

build your web-site
sitting on the beach!

Adding to or editing and publishing a page doesn't take long from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and your site is done.


● Simple Ui

● Immediate preview

● More sophisticated Ui

● Side by side Advanced Editor

● Powerful Designer containing all CSS controls

● Site List for editing page names and sequence

● Page List for getting page names quickly

● Change the Markdown level of all the paragraphs on a page

● ecoWeb Robot to substitute content on just the page or throughout the whole site

● Efficient up to 70k words on a page - tested up to 200k words on a page


This is where we will publish help and training materials.

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This details the licensing options.


This is where you can download the ecoWeb App.


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