Nick Lightbody was one of the first FileMaker Developers Worldwide to be FileMaker 14 Certified in late September 2015.
With a focus on clean elegant screens and fast performance, even in mobile devices, we can race tune your existing system and help you to integrate it with other systems.


Poor performance can be the biggest frustration for users of a home-grown FileMaker system, but it really doesn't have to be that way, properly designed and deployed FileMaker based systems are fast and responsive.
As authors of the first deep dive report into Understanding FileMaker Server for a decade we are perfectly placed to advise you on how to make your FileMaker based system faster, much faster.


Nick Lightbody has spent 17 years developing FileMaker solutions, and has pioneered some cutting edge innovations. Nick has a background in professional services spending 12 years as a commercial solicitor.
We have the ideal experience to help you design and develop your new system, or we can do the whole job for you, we are happy to provide the service which best suits you.

Coaching & Mentoring

We can also offer coaching and mentoring services to help you get better at working on your own system.
Here is Nick's page on the European FileMaker Mentoring site.
Here is what a recent FileMaker Developer who received mentoring from Nick has to say: