The Deskspace Web-builder / CMS App

Our licensing options for this App are detailed here.

Not for Profit & Education

We offer discounted licenses for qualifying people and organisations here..

Platinum: if you have registered a domain

The Platinum option is for clients who have registered their own domain. It provides a higher level of service and more flexibility.

Pro: for Professionals

The Pro option is for professionals who wish to build super-fast responsive sites for their clients.
It gives additional access to the 'under the hood' CSS for customing site appearance as well as the ability to create web-sites for an unlimited number of domains.


With your NEARLY FREE License your hosting is just 10 cents a month!
We offer Solver, Gold, Platinum and Pro options.
We provide inclusive hosting under our Silver and Gold Licenses and the option of inclusive hosting under our Platinum and Pro licenses. In these last cases you can also host your site wherever you wish.