About the dsBenchmark FileMaker Server Load Calibration Tool.

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Here is what Brent Hedden at the University of Louisville Kentucky had to say

"I can easily vouch for this!"
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This tool is free and open source.

The only condition is that you take the time to share some of your results. It produces a data set and a chart when you click "Save" placed on your desktop.
We would be very interested to see your results but please tell other people about what you learn and about using our dsBenchmark Tool.


You need to upload it to server.
It works by sending off a series of server side "virtual clients" which run autonomously.
You can run these tests from an iPhone or any other device which can use FMGo or WebDirect as well as Macs and PCs. WebDirect can be tested on any device that can run a browser.
It is important that you then describe your server in the "Comment" as that data forms part of the records created. The tool will pick up your server name but you need to say what RAM and Cache you are have in this deployment so that you are recording context for your data.
You can run multiple copies of the tool simultaneously on Filemaker Server to test Solution Contention.
You can also run it from a number of simultaneous WD sessions to test WD. You can, for example, open several Browser iterations on your computer, and open several tabs in each browser. Each tab is tried by WebDirect as a separate user. These sessions all need to be kept active so it is harder work than running the automated tests on Pro & Go.
You can navigate around the tool - which is a cut down version of our main framework - from the hamburger menu, there is a lot there.


Some FAQs on dsBenchmark


We have made two videos for Richard Carlton Consulting which explores Filemaker Performance and includes some of the results from the use of the dsBenchmark Tool.
Understanding Filemaker Server Performance
Does & don'ts of building for performance
To understand more about this tool and these techniques we recommend that you read our Report on FileMaker Server Performance.


You can download the dsBenchmark App here
Please let us know how you get on and share your data and findings.