The new features added in Version 3


● Version 3 now runs under iOSon iPhone and iPad as well as Mac and PC, so you can create and develop your web site on any of those devices.


● New Color palette for creating and adjusting the colors of page components
● New user interface simplification with three different user feature levels, all under the user’s control
● New Designer screen for advanced users
● Now open many windows - one per page - and work side by side
● Instant live preview of your current web page from which you can open the page in your default browser


● 200 different themes are included and everyone can be duplicated and modified.


● Select previously uploaded images for insertion in page
● Open image or link to another URL


● Line height control
● Letter-spacing for h3-h6, m, mL & ft
● Adding paragraph indent to h3 - h6


● Automatic FREE web hosting for the Freebie License
● Automatic image uploading
● Automated InApp Store for the purchase of licenses
● Easy ways of adding tagged content
● Add form fields
● Add PayPal Buy-now buttons
● Add Google Custom Search
● YouTube Movie ID automatically extracted
● Automatic footer construction
● Automatic navigation menu construction
● Automatic archive before all pages are deleted
● Substitution of 3 to etc
● Store edit position in contents field and return to that position on re-edit

Site Construction

● Auto export xml sitemap and robots.txt
● Social media buttons for twitter, google+, linkedin and Facebook
● MSIE compatibility in special COMP and MOD themes (No 6 OB theme)
● Exporting and importing license received as part of archiving
● Theme controls can be exported and imported
● Two logo sizes with controls for logo position and size
● Page override control settings
● Display of sample in themes
● Privacy Control to exclude a page from the xml site map
● Numeric filters to the site page to enable different sets of pages to be easily worked on
● Duplicate theme so that it can then be modified

New features of earlier versions

● Version 2 Features