New Business Name

From 1st January 2021

The business activities of Deskspace Systems Limited were taken on by Deskspace Corporation Limited from the beginning of 2021.

European & US Trade Marks

The European and US Trade Marks for DESKSPACE will now support Deskspace Corporation Limited's business development.


The focus of the business is performance whether in FileMaker development, in native App development or in web development. Nick Lightbody was a Member of the Claris Engage Performance Panel in 2020 and presented on high performance App development at FileMaker DevCon 2016. He released a White Paper on Understanding FileMaker Server in 2015 available here.

Our recent research on FileMaker Server Performance when deployed on Linux was released on Medium here.

We are currently researching how best to extract, manage and tag large numbers of images publish as an online image library with FileMaker.