Photo-blogging with Deskspace CMS

Designed to suit you

Photo-blogging is easy, load folders of shots automatically onto a page.

The App will also set captions based on the image names, if you wish.

With a wide range of themes to enable you to make your blog look great, and hundreds of controls to give you full control over the appearance of your blog, so you can vary any theme as you wish, this provides a perfect solution.
Because Deskspace CMS creates super-fast responsive sites you can be sure that your photo blog will look great and work fast on whatever device it is viewed.
Here is a Youtube video showing the photo loading in action.

Resizing images correctly before adding them is essential. We suggest a maximum width of 1000 px is best, this is the normal maximum screen width to which we design. However, Deskspace CMS can accommodate any maximum width you choose, so resize to that width.
Secondly it is important to optimise your images before adding them, so use something like ImageOptim to remove unnecessary image and meta data and to ensure you get the best possible display speed for your photography.