Search engines love Deskspace CMS

Mobile friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)is something on which folk spend time and money, often a great deal, trying to get their sites to rank well, primarily in Google and Bing.

If a site is not regarded by Google as "Mobile Friendly" then it will automatically be down ranked.

In April 2015 Google announced that it would henceforth down rank any non-responsive web sites. Since then the benefits of a site being responsive have been obvious in search terms and also because it means that people can very easily read and navigate your site on anything, hence more people will use your site in any case since it is a better experience for them.
"Mobile friendly" means that a site works well on a phone. That it is fast, that you don't have to scroll sideways to read a page, only vertically. That it is easy to read as displayed on the device without having to zoom in. That all the buttons on the screen are large enough and far enough apart so that they are easy to use with a normal finger tip.
Sites created by the Deskspace CMS Web-builder are generally 98-100% Mobile Friendly - based on Google's own testing and hence will not be down ranked.
Some sites endeavour to be responsive by having several different sites, for different sizes of device display. This isn't counted as being responsive and it creates a nightmare updating pages where there are perhaps three different pages to change and check each time.
In fact Deskspace CMS also provides an amazing user experience by adapting to five different sizes of display and seamlessly transitioning across the entire range.


Our sites are exceptionally fast. Using Google's own Page Speed Insight Tool we have yet to find a responsive or mobile friendly site anywhere on the web which is as fast as any of the many sites now built with Deskspace CMS Web-builder.

Quick and easy to index

Web pages built with Deskspace CMS Web-builder are compact and very well structured which means that they are easy and quick for webbots to index. In consequence our sites climb up the web page rankings quickly and reduce the need to invest as much in SEO activity.

The results speak for themselves

Here is a chart of the Alexa World Ranking of several sites built with Deskspace CMS Web-builder for the first quarter of 2016.