Tips on using existing content in
Deskspace CMS


DeskspaceCMS will automatically process whatever you copy and paste into the page contents. So open your existing web page, copy the content and paste it into an empty DeskspaceCMS page.
You can now edit your new page within the App to get it looking just right.

Now comes the very simple, subtle but powerful bit:

(a) Whether or not you have a blank line between paras gives you complete control of how the paras display on wider displays, i.e those where the content is no longer single column.
(b) If you remove the blank line between two paras those two paras will "stick" together, one below the other. You can use this technique to create two columns in a section so that say paras 1 - 6 are in the left column and paras 7 - 12 are in the right, as opposed to 1,3,5,7,9,11 on the left and 2,4,6,8,10,12 on the right when they do not stick together.
(c) Just play with it and in a few minutes this technique will become obvious and because of its simplicity it is very powerful. That is how, for example, we have made para (a) in this section full width and paras (b) & (c) float left and right into half width blocks.

Advanced users

Advanced users may care to edit their existing copy in a text editor in order to carry out efficient conversion of some layouts and formats but this is not necessary for most users.

If you are using a text editor please bear in mind the following

A. Edit your page as plain text in a text editor, not something that does rtf. On a Mac we normally use BBEdit. An rtf file may introduce formatting characters that can cause confusion.
B. The other advantage of a good text editor is that you can use its powerful replace function to clean up and simplify the text you start with from a word processor or existing web page.
C. The point being that the css controlling the page and each para deals with all the formatting so you just need text, punctuation and a return at the end of every para. Anything else needs to be removed.
D. In a text editor turn off "wrap text" so that every paragraph is a single line.
E. Turn on "show invisibles" so you can see tabs and returns etc.
F. Use replace to change all tab characters to a single space.
G. Use replace to change all double returns into a single return, so there are no blank lines between paras.
H. Now consolidate several lines into a single para wherever relevant, leaving yourself with the basic paragraph structure of your text with nothing else.
I. Add an underscore "_" as the first character of the paras which are to be section headings, the main section breaks in your piece.
J. Paste into DeskspaceCMS and check how it looks.
K. Now adjust the number of # preceding each para as necessary to achieve the differing formatting you want.
L. Note that ## paras must have a blank line before and after them to become full width, otherwise they will float left or right, which may or may not be what you want.


Comments: Note that a para not preceded by at least one # will not be displayed in your web page, but remains in your content text in this App. Hence it becomes a comment, something you can keep in your text which will not be displayed in a browser.