Understanding and tuning FileMaker Server Performance: Introduction

By Nick Lightbody BA(Hons) FRSA
May 29th 2015
Deskspace Systems Limited, West Sussex, United Kingdom
This document has been prepared with the assistance of Wim Decorte of Soliant Consulting, Richard Carlton of RCC, Alan Stirling of AST and FileMaker Inc. and I thank those folk for their valuable and in some cases time consuming assistance.

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There are three main parts to this paper on FileMaker Server Performance

First a description of FileMaker Server explaining the context, factors affecting performance and the server processes to help us understand what we are dealing with,
then an explanation of three available tools and suggestions on how to tune your deployment and
finally some important DON’TS and DOES to help you ensure that your solution has the opportunity to be efficient.

Part 1: Understanding

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1. Context
2. Performant
3. Filemaker Server Performance Analysis
4. The design of the solution
5. The activity levels of the users
6. The server’s available resources
7. How the server operating system allocates resources

Part 2: Tuning

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8. FileMaker Server Performance tuning

Part 3: Don'ts & does

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9. DON’T
10. Then some DOES
11. In conclusion


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