The FileMaker Server Load Calibration Tool

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Now supporting the following languages: US English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian and Swedish

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This Free and Open-source Tool is designed to give you the following:
1. The best method currently available world-wide as of July 2019 for measuring and calibrating the load capacity of FileMaker Server 13/14/15/16/17/18 or better;
2. An example of the type of high performance App that can be built using FileMaker Pro;
3. An example of the use of multiple language user interfaces in a FileMaker App;
4. Examples of the use of a whole range of high performance techniques that you can copy and use in your own FileMaker Apps. FileMaker is an efficient and effective method of creating custom Apps, they will perform very well if designed and built the right way. This is an example.

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Our first translation, into Chinese

A big thank you for undertaking this translation to:张答
Da Zhang


Useful Frequently Asked Questions are answered
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Volunteers wanted

If you would like to volunteer to create a further language translation of the dsBenchmark App please get in touch with Nick Lightbody nick.lightbody@deskspace.com
Why volunteer?
Because you will learn a great deal about building FileMaker Apps in the process and you will also extend the benefit of the dsBenchmark tool to a wider audience.