Deskspace CMS
Faster web-sites

Your site will be mega-fast, on any device.

Sites built with Deskspace CMS typically score 90-98% on the Google Page Speed Insights test, the fastest responsive pages on the web.
But don't just take our word for it! It is easy to open the Google Page Speed Insights web page and enter any web page's address - it's URL - and test it. This means you can compare various sites created with DeskspaceCMS from our examples page here with your own or any other site and make up your own mind.
Google Page Speed Insight is here.

The bottom line

The internet is heavily burdened with more and more traffic and server centres burn more and more energy and so anything that uses web and internet resources more efficiently is a good thing.

Deskspace CMS web sites are typically 5% of the size of the site they replace if you count the CSS Style Library files used by the original site as part of it. This great reduction in size is part of why our sites are so blindingly fast.
We also get a reduction in overhead by avoiding where possible referring to external resources and hence we get a further increase in speed.